Lisa Voong and Salvador Lopez

Nikeesa Khoubani and Kyle Roussel

Melissa Babins and Evan Flechsig

Ashley Nagle and Ryan Williams

Amy Whorter and Chase Mayhugh

Reagan Mann and Hunter Jordan

Erica Mudry and Sam Buchan

Cassie Long and Gary Schmalz

Ami Flowers and Shane Staples

Chelsey Sawyer and Seth Sawyer

Cristina Zambrano and Ismael Lozano

Lauren Gurley and Dario Coralic

Julie Jensen  and Bob Framarian

Kelsey Rexroat and Daniel Thus

Charmaine Kehoe and Paul Bates

Miranda Welch and Vincent Guezingar

Nicole Bostic and Chris Jackson

Danielle Roffey and Scott Roffey

Alexa McCormack and Zane England

Jessilon Coppolo and Joel Madison

CarolAnn Gabrielsen and Phillip Howard